Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching is a way of editing an image to give it a refined, cleaner and shiner look. It involves transforming a photo using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. Some basic service under photo retouching are spot removal, scratch removal, camera reflection, dust removal, reshaping and beautification. Many fashion photographers, product photographers, and portrait photographers know how important it is to have image retouching to ensures their clients are satisfaction.

Types of Photo Retouching We Do

Portrait Retouching

Retouching features is mostly used in portrait photography. Retouching takes care of every flaw, every skin defect like acne, blemishes, spots, hairs, etc.This retouching works for best natural and flawless look in output.

High-End Retouching

High-end retouching has become one of the most required services in image editing industry. This retouching covers a lot of detailing in an image such as white & black balance, sharping, brightness, contrast that is damaged by lighting.

Body Retouching

Every part of human being covered by body. This retouching helps reshape your model’s body, make taller, add muscle, slimming face and removing lumpiness. It enables to make model photography look more attractive.

Commercial Product Retouching

The range of commercial product retouching is wide and huge in digital market for every product. This retouching is vastly used in e-commerce sites, magazines and other media of digital marketing.

Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry is one of luxurious thing that must look glorious, sparkling and breathtaking at both images and real life. It makes the jewelry images shiny and glossy and makes eye catching to the customers.

When to Use:

  • When a small crack or scratch in product photo that need to remove.
  • When wrinkles in clothing photo that need to remove for enhancing look.
  • When something reflects from the camera or due to lightning.
  • To make a model photography look more attractive.
  • To smooth the skin and remove any damage or spot from a photo of human body.