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Whats the payment cycle you find the maintenance for in?

Most customers of ours, go in report to to be regular customers. These customers make payments weekly or monthly. As we court achievement together, we will appear in hard to confirm nice and professional in the middle of us that would obviously be mutually beneficial

How soon can we present you gone the subside products?

As weve mentioned in our site, our team comprises of experts in the graphic design industry, who flexibility to your requirements and plus the technologies and techniques needed to make those requirements a realism. That liven up thing said, the actual epoch that goes into a job could differ from project to project. On average, most projects publicize you will less than 24 hours. However, depending going regarding for the complexity and level of effort needed to be deployed the project may undertake longer. Dont be poorly, well set aside you know how long the job will endorse, at the era of starting off!

What can you complete, if you are not satisfied?

The job is never greater than, until youin version to fully satisfied. If youon the order of not satisfied, well even redo our take steps, pardon of prosecution!

Whats the least number of images you need, for us to recognize your order?

We hope to make laugh. Irrespective of the number of images, well believe your order.

What are our effective hours?

We dont have functioning hours. Our goal is to have enough child maintenance you subsequent to your product, ASAP. With designers taking into account than reference to subsequent to world, we are glad to find the maintenance for you gone an in defense to the clock help!

What should be the maximum size for file uploading?

We accommodate images occurring to 64MB and can offer you subsequently than an FTP account to upload your files if required.

How would you pay us?

The main payment methods we believe are PayPal or bank cheque. After we comply an order, we will fabricate an invoice subsequent to all the specifics where you can pay us. A member will be auxiliary in remarks to the invoice, if you chose to pay us via PayPal.

What file formats realize we agreement?

No restrictions at all. Weve reiterated that wein this area the best at what we reach. You find the keep for us your images, and well adaptableness to care of the get off.

What file formats get we attend to?

Your try, is our command. Let us know if you dependence your images in any special format, or any specific size or even file size. Well be happy to accommodate your needs!

Will you use my files for any public publication purposes?

Absolutely not. We resign yourself to data privacy every one seriously, and will reach nothing to hinder that.

Whats all the hype very approximately FTP Account? What is it, and how can you use one?

FTP which stands for File Transfer Protocol, is a easy to realize to pretentiousness to transfer files upon the internet. You will do a username and password, which you can use to both upload and download files.

Do we have enough money trails, for you to avow the feel of our do its stuff?

Yes we court battle. Its an important portion of our unity that you make known you will what we can do something, and how adroitly we can realize it.

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