Clipping Path service

What is Clipping Path service

Clipping Path Service is one of the most used cut-out techniques to remove background and image manipulation without any doubt. No matter the image looks, this feature is enough capable to transform any image to an attractive one. Clipping path is especially relevant to digital images. Clipping path is a vector graphic that outlines an object, like a trace around its edges. Clipping paths are mostly used for one of two purposes:

  1. Cutting an object out.
  2. Wrapping text around it.

The Following Clipping Path Service We are Providing

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Simple Clipping Path

Simple Clipping Path is for simple images which have no holes (Embedded transparency) and has very simple and curves (straight or oval curves).

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Compound Clipping Path

Compound Clipping Path is done on items or products prototyping several basic shapes and compound shapes Compound Clipping Path service is employed in products which have numerous curves.

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Complex Clipping Path

Complex Clipping Path has many simple or compound shapes, is considered as a complex clipping path. Complex clipping path has more than 10 embedded holes, more than 12 closed paths and numerous outlining paths.

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Super Complex Clipping Path

Super Complex Clipping Path has too many complex shapes or many simple or compound shapes is considered as a complex clipping path.

It’s a combination of Numerous holes, Numerous paths, Numerous curves.

Why They Need This Service?

They need to remove photo background service to promote their business. Suppose you are an online retailer and you need to post products images on your website to sell online. So, you need a clipping path expert for editing their photograph with an attractive look that enhances your business. When the photographer has finished his photo shoot or collect an image from elsewhere, he needs to edit his images. But he has not enough time to edit those large number of images. So, the photographer or related person can use our services to save time and money or online retailer can take our best clipping path services.

Where and Which person needs to photo clipping services?

  • Product Photographer,
  • Graphic Designer,
  • Online Retailer,
  • Web Developer,
  • Advertising Firm,
  • Printing Company,
  • Photo Studio
  • Catalog Company

Why Clipping Path Service is Needed

  • Background Modify or Remove
  • Color Correction
  • Divide Product
  • Recreate Graphics and Logos
  • Image Manipulation
  • e-Commerce product retouch
  • For replacement color in images
  • Create photo masking and retouching
  • To smooth the edge
  • To separate objects from image
  • To make Recoloring using multipath
  • Draw path in the shape you want
  • Jewelry retouch for glittering