Remove backgrounds from hair, fur, and difficult borders

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Image masking service is a technique that is used when the image is very complex and can?t remove background only by simple clipping path. This service is getting popular day by day. When clipping path alone is not applicable on hair, fur, feathers, smoke, flames, highlights, lighting object image masking is there to perfectly resolve this. Image masking is used for the removal of the object from the background, or to sharpen the edges of the background.

Types of Masking We Do

Layer Masking Service

A layer mask is a basic tool in image manipulations. This technique is not only for perfecting your photo but also to remove the background or any isolated object also.

Hair Masking Service

Through this masking, you can easily separate the fur as well as hair and make the soft edge of the photo. You can easily apply any color, contrast, exposer, white balance, HDR in a photo.

Transparent Masking Service

Transparency masking technique is perfect to use when you want to use your subject, on a different background. This masking is used for dealing transparent object in the photo.

Color Masking Service

Color Masking is used for cutting the edge of the image and put various color combination to your image and you can avoid the hollow line by using this service.

Object Masking Service

Using object masking service, you can easily choose the unwanted object from the picture, use quick selection and remove the object. It is helpful to remove misshapenness of pictures.

Why Image Masking Service is Needed

  1.  Change background and customized it.
  2.  Remove background from Hair Images.
  3.  Isolate or cutout is chosen image without the surrounded background especially glass.
  4.  Create transparency deprived of distorting the translucency
  5.  Remove background colors from images from the translucent image.
  6.  Create masking for hair, semi-transparent chiffon or muslin fabrics.
  7.  Create ads, magazine covers, and a lot of other items with models
  8.  Allow Dropping Shadows of the Desired Image to work easily with fine edges
  9.  Men, Women and animal images with raising and flying hairs (hair masking),
  10.  Translucent objects like Plastic, glass, smoke, lightning, highlights, etc.
  11.  Fine-edge Jewelries items.
  12.  Natural substances: trees, landscapes, flowers and more.

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