Image manipulation services are used by magazine writers, product advertisers, book publishers, newspaper publishers, advertisers and more. Many companies need photo manipulation services for online publishing as well.

Image manipulation service is an adjustment process of image editing that manipulating and modifying photos by adding objects, people or things in the background or forefront and make them look way much better. This is an innovative image editing services that not only depends on skill and experience but also the capability of creativity of thinking in giving an abstract look. Adobe Photoshop is the most applicable and popular software all over the world for image manipulating. Image Manipulating service normally for magazines, product advertisements, cover page, newspapers, music, advertisement, gallery, etc.

Types of Image Manipulation We Offer

Add or remove objects

The most demanding image manipulation service is to remove and replace a certain object or person and change background and foreground to enhance the image.

Color schemes and cropping

For better representation to the audience sometimes an image needs to crop the image or color correction depending on the object or background.

Smoothening of the edges

Sometimes with a perfect camera setting captured image taken with a sharper edge can ruin a great image. This problem can be overcome by smoothening of the edge.

Closed-eye correction

A portrait photo even with perfect camera setting may have the issue of closed and red eye. Fixing this issue need to use closed correction and red eye remover.

Adding watermarks

Many of your competitors or others can use your image illegally use your then adding watermark to your image is the best way to protect or distinguish your pictures.

Why Image Manipulation Service is Needed

  1.  Adding missing persons and remove or replace a person to groups.
  2.  Closed and Red-eye editing.
  3.  Background replacement.
  4.  Cropping and Enlarging the image.
  5.  Adding, removing, or replacing objects.
  6.  Adding a watermark to your image.
  7.  Face beauty Remove of spots and wrinkles and others beautification.
  8.  Converting an image into paintings, sketches, or cartoons.

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